Technical Support

Since 2004 we’ve been building WordPress websites for companies (large and small) in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. During that time it became apparent that most SMEs had very few options when it came to obtaining impartial advice with respect to technology, and building or maintaining their online businesses…

"Talk to us before you build (or rebuild) your WordPress site... it'll cost you nothing, and could save you thousands!"

Contact Details

Office Address:
151 Vaughans Rd
Okura 0792
Postal Address:
PO Box 101906
North Shore  0745

Remote Support

We are an online helpdesk company for small kiwi businesses that need: technical support, advice, and training for their WordPress websites. With many happy clients, we have been working with WordPress since it’s inception in 2003.

In early 2019, we reassessed how to better utilise the knowledge we had gained over the previous 15 years, following which, the decision was made to diversify our efforts into:  Project Management, Remote Support and Training. Our skills would now be applied to advising and training others in how best to use digital technology in their businesses…

WordPress Training

Having someone on your side who speaks ‘the lingo’ when you are planning to build or update your website is a useful tool to have in the drawer. Not only are we able to help you identify what your business needs (and doesn’t need); but our ability to speak fluent ‘geek’ ensures you get exactly what your business requires…
To succeed in business today, understanding digital technology and ecommerce is essential. Our easy to follow online courses will provide you with those skills. From our FREE WordPress Manual to the ‘full-on’ Advanced Program; there’s now a website training course for everyone.
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"Talk to us before you build (or rebuild) your WordPress site... it'll cost you nothing, and could save you thousands!"

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